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Resvera Cell Concentrate (retail)
Dr. Schrammek Beauty Elements
Professional Package
30 ml
Product Size: 30 ml
Recommended Retail price: $124.00
Main Ingridient: Resveratrol (“youth molecule” from wine), Vitamin C (triple power), Silanole (Silicea
Product Description:
Vitalizing power concentrate
- Increases the cell lifespan (longevity enzymes)
- For firm and youthful skin
- The skin gains renewed elasticity, firmness and tone
- Protects against free radicals
- Helps to refresh the reproduction and activity of fibroblasts
- Promotes the collagen synthesis

Selling tip:
- Rich, emollient power treatment – provides freshness and vitality
- Active anti-aging
- Velvety gel
Penetrates quickly
Free from PEG-derivates, parabens, colorants and mineral oil

Directions for use:
Every morning and evening, apply a few drops on face, neck and cleavage before applying regular day or night cream.
Tip: Use the vitalizing power concentrate RESVERA CELL CONCENTRATE as a preventative measure. In our environment of constantly increasing stress and harmful environmental influences, even young skin demands a high-quality, effective key to youthfulness!
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