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FLEX WAX Aquamarine Wax Roll On Cartridge
Waxing Roll-on Cartridge
Professional Package
Product Size: 100 ml
Product Description:
Creamy wax with Titanium Dioxide, very gentle and great for long or short hair

Perfect mix of synthetic and natural resins with innovative components’ input.
FLEX has very high plasticity, is applied in thin layer with metal spatula (or roller) on big surfaces.
After solidification, the wax forms a thin film on the skin, which grabs all the hairs (especially during the work with the spatula) and guarantees firm adhesion with the depilation strip.
• FLEX wax doesn’t leave sticky feeling on the skin
• FLEX wax removes 100% of hairs, without breaking it
• FLEX wax is suitable for all hair types

Made by Italwax, Italy
facebook phone: + 64 9 272 4656 / fax: + 64 9 272 4654
e-mail: info@K-Cosmetics.com