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KLAPP A Classic Power Boost Treatment
Professional Package
Product Description:
Three new products in a unique treatment!
Increase your demand with a treatment experience suitable for all customers and pamper them with three novelties: Booster-Emulsion, Activator Powder Mask, Peel-Off Gel Mask
The A Classic – Power Boost Treatment offers your customer an innovative all-round anti-aging treatment, which delivers strong results.
The skin is detoxified and intensively moisturized, small wrinkles and lines can be minimized and cells regenerated – for a plump fresh complexion.

Activator Powder Mask & Peel-Off Gel Mask - When mixed with the Peel-Off Gel Mask, the Activator Powder Mask forms a smooth and soft paste, without the addition of water.
- The golden mask can be easily applied and molds to the face like a second skin.
- Precious active ingredients such as champagne extract and micronized beads help the cell renewal process and reduce wrinkles.
- Particularly suitable for MATURE SKIN.
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