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Ultra Sensitive Jade Wax Roll on Cartridge
Waxing Roll-on Cartridge
Professional Package
Product Size: 100ml
Main Ingridient: Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide
Product Description:
Semi-precious stone line is based on the Zinc Oxide ,mainly indicated for sensitive skin.
Thanks to its soothing properties it gives to the wax a delicate and soft pull.
It develops a disinfectant action and a barrier effect protecting the skin.
The nourishing function is not to be unevaluated because it favors the natural process of skin regeneration, opposing the skin ageing.
The choosing of these new colors is not only because beautiful , but given by the stone color, every wax has its own natural frequency vibration; these colors can spread relax, balance; they can ease the muscular system and reinforce the spiritual energy.
Made in Italy
Creamy Green in Colour
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