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Fucus Algotherapy (Professional)
Body Care Algotherapy
Professional Package
Product Size: 1,5kg
Main Ingridient:
Fucus vesiculosus
Product Description:

Fucus belongs to the brown seaweed family. It grows on rocks, near the shore and emerges from the sea at low tide. In France, it is found on the South coast of Brittany, which is the main supplying source.
This type of brown algae is used in various industrial applications, including cosmetics, thalassotherapy treatments and health food. It is rich in mineral salts, trace elements and vitamins and stimulates blood circulation.

- Slows down laxing of muscle fibers.
- Activates cell metabolism.
- Firming action on epidermis.

Can be mixed with Lithothamnium up to 50%. Place 200 gr (6.6 fl. oz) of Micronized Fucus powder in bowl and add 400 gr (13 .3 fl. oz) of warm water. Stir vigourously. A few drops of Tonifying Massage Oil can be added.

Apply paste on body or on areas to be treated. Wrap the body in plastic film and/or a warm blanket for 15 to 20 minutes.
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