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Lithothamnium Algotherapy (Professional)
Body Care Algotherapy
Professional Package
Product Size: 1,5kg
Main Ingridient: Lithothamnium corallioides
Product Description:

Lithotamnium belongs to the red seaweed family. Its coral like appearance gives it the familiar name of “ coral sand”. It is extracted by pump dredgers from the Brittany Coast in pure seawater area (Morlaix Bay and Glenans Islands). It is found between 10-25 meters below sea level.
Lithotamnium is made of limestone impregnated with mineral salts and trace elements contained in the seawater. It has exceptional porosity similar to the size of living cells. This type of algae is used in cosmetics and thalassotherapy, health food, etc…

- Activates elimination of lipids.
- Tones epidermis.
- Remineralizes and revitalizes.

Mix 200 gr (6.6 fl. oz) of Lithothamnium powder with 40 gr (1.3 fl. oz) of either Micronized Laminaria or Fucus according to treatment. Place powder in bowl and add 200 gr (6.6 fl. oz) of warm water. Stir vigourously. A few drops of the appropriate massage oil can be added.

Apply paste on body. Wrap the body in plastic film and/or a warm blanket for 15 to 20 minutes.
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