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Anti Aging Day Cream (Professional)
Anti Aging Day Care technical sheets
AQUATONALE Anti Aging Line
Professional Package
Product Size: 150ml
Main Ingridient: HYALURONIC ACID COMPLEX 25,00 % It is one of the chief components of the extracellular matrix. It contributes significantly to cell proliferation and migration, and locks moisture into the extracellular matrix, keeping collagen and elastin moist and promoting a youthful appearance. Literally acting like a sponge in the skin, the sodium hyaluronate can reach a level of water mobilization of up to 20 times its own weight. So it allows maintaining the cutaneous moisturization*, the water loss being the early symptom of the cutaneous ageing. Hyaluronic acid is also a major component of skin, where it is involved in tissue repair. When skin is excessively exposed to UVB rays, it becomes inflamed (sunburn) and the cells in the dermis stop producing as much hyaluronan, and increase the rate of its degradation. MARIN ACTIVE Pelvetia Canaliculata Extract Efficacy tests available 1,00 % Small brown algae originated from the northern Britanic coast, Pelvetia contains growth factors, isoflavones and fucose. It has an anti-ageing activity : - Stimulation of the proteoglycanes synthesis (essential component of the extracellular matrice, they « capture » water) - Stimulation of the collagen synthesis (most profuse proteine in the organism of which renewal dicreases with time, causing a firmness and radiance loss) - Reduction of the lipoperoxydation (free radicals destructive action on cells membranes which increases cutaneous ageing) - Reduction of the stromelysine activity (responsible for elastin deterioration) Efficacy tests show this active reduces significantly the number of wrinkles and their total surface. Polysaccharide (3%) : High moisturizing active ingredient obtained from Sorbitol by biotechnology. Acts as a reservoir of water for the skin, providing it with constant hydration. Also known for its protective activity against irritations and its extraordinary touch of silk. Polyisobuten (3%): Emollient active ingredient. Provides the skin tissues with constant hydration.
Product Description:

1.Helps maintain cutaneous hydration*
2. Stimulates collagen synthesis
3. Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

Thanks to its exclusive Hyaluronic Acid complex and its specific marin active, this Anti-Aging Day Care dynamizes the Collagen synthesis and contributes to maintaining cutaneous hydration*.
It fights efficiently against the signs of skin aging while providing an intense and lasting sensation of comfort, leaving the skin more supple, soft and subtly fragranced.
Moisturizes the upper layers of the epidermis.
Strengthens the natural defense system of the skin.
Accelerates the cellular renewal.
Firms and smoothes the skin.
Prevents the formation of wrinkles and fines lines.
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