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Aloe & Olive Massage Balm (450ml)
Foot & Hand Care Aloe & Olive Wellness Foot Care
Professional Package
Product Size: 450ml
Main Ingridient: olive oil, aloe vera, chamomile oil, macadamia nut oil, shea butter
Product Description:

Rich and luxurious balm for a professional foot massage.
Cold pressed olive oil and valuable extracts of aloe vera ensure pleasantly soft foot skin and provide the skin with moisture.
Due to the high gliding ability, the balm is especially high yielding and allows for long lasting massages.

Apply approx. 5 ml (two pump strokes) of balm to each foot. Thoroughly massage into the feet until the massage balm is entirely absorbed into the skin. Depending on the duration of the massage, add more balm if required.
• high gliding ability
• especially high yielding in use
• provides dry skin with moisture
• prevents cracked heels and callus formation
• maintains the natural elasticity of the skin
• suitable for all massage techniques
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